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Looking at Your Recruiter as a Teammate

"To have your teammates have your back through the ups and downs, it means the world." - Donovan Mitchell

Every time I speak with an attorney, one of the first things I try to do is set a foundation of trust. Helping guide someone’s career to the next step is not a task I take on lightly, so having that trust is essential to being able to be a valuable asset to, and advocate for, the attorneys I work with.

Now and then, a candidate will withhold information. Sometimes they’ve been let go from their firm. Sometimes they’ve gotten an offer through another recruiter. Sometimes their firm makes them a counteroffer to stay. These are all really important conversations to have because only with all the information can we look out for your best interests.

It’s far better for your recruiter to know you’ve been let go, than to have it come out during a background check once you’ve accepted an offer.

If you share that you’re getting an offer from a firm your recruiter is not involved with, then they can light a fire under the other firms. Multiple offers are always better than one.

If you share that your firm is making a counteroffer to get you to stay, your recruiter can help provide an unemotional, outside view. Sometimes the right thing to do is to stay! Sometimes it’s not.

I can’t speak for every recruiter out there, but AJW is on your side. We act as a fiduciary always looking out for your best interest.


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