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Like the Weather, the Lateral Market is Hot Today

“A year from now you may wish you had started today.” – Karen Lamb

The lateral market is full of ups and downs, and I often speak with attorneys who are looking to time their job search to the market. It turns out there is a “right” time to start exploring the market. That time is today.

The summer can be a great time to begin a lateral job hunt because both the supply-side and demand-side see pressure. Similar to people not wanting to buy a house during the holidays, many people avoid interviewing during the summer because it could interfere with vacations or other time pressures. This is the supply-side – attorneys take themselves out of the running, so competition for jobs can be lower during the summer.

While some partners may be taking vacation as well and don’t want to worry about hiring, those who are hiring have more urgent needs that require active hiring. We often see that jobs are “stickier” in the summer – firms that are looking are really looking and don’t close a position without hiring. This is the demand-side.

It’s always easier to wait on big life changes until tomorrow, but when you work with a respected, reputable recruiter, they are able to help take on a lot of the time and effort the job hunt demands. And they’re even able to help schedule interviews around your vacation!


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