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Don't Make These Lateral Mistakes

As reports of stealth layoffs continue and economic news makes clients and firms nervous, there are a couple grave mistakes someone looking to lateral can make right now.

Don’t Panic

We make simple mistakes when we are scared or uncertain. Your first step should be to reach out to an expert in the market, an expert on resume building, someone with a strong network at firms you’re interested in, and someone you can trust to give you solid career advice. Finding these four people can be a lot of work, so my recommendation is to utilize a trusted recruiter as a one-stop shop who can help and guide in all these areas.

Don’t Submit Everywhere All at Once

I spoke with a candidate who was laid off and this person immediately sent their resume to every firm in their area. They didn’t get a single meeting request. This person has great credentials and their practice is in demand right now. The problem is that their resume was poorly constructed and not a good representation of them. It is far harder to get a firm to read a revised resume than just to make a great first impression.

Do Utilize Your Recruiter

With your career at stake, making the best impression is essential. Utilizing a recruiter is a free service to you, so take advantage of their expertise! Your recruiter should be able to answer questions about the market (which firms are growing, which have serious needs, which may be riskier right now), help make your resume stand out, prepare you for your interviews, guide you through the hiring process, and be someone you can trust to help you make critical decisions in the direction of your career. Remember even Michael Jordan and LeBron James needed a coach.

The lateral market is competitive, so starting your search on the right foot with a strong team behind you will help make sure you stand out in the best ways.

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